The post-production work done on the 2017 mini-series “Jacinta” can be considered as one of the first works of PUSH with a long format film. The film narrates the origin of the catholic sanctuary of Fátima, that was erected in the aftermath of an apparition of the Virgin Mary to three children in the area of Fátima. The work done on “Jacinta” was a challenging and rewarding effort in compositing and post-production, with the need to replicate a crowd - given that the footage was shot with a small number of actors/extras. The main technical challenge was a shot where a lot of umbrellas had to be closed in a sequential orderly manner - like the metachronal rhythm achieved when crowds lift their hands sequentially over time. This shot was very demanding in terms of compositing, and represents a very challenging effort. The whole process was even more challenging, because of PUSH’s involvement having been requested after the footage was taken. In this case our VFX Supervisor couldn’t be present in the shooting, which renders the post-production slightly more difficult. This project was done through Coral Productions for TVI as a Final Client.


DIRECTOR: Jorge Paixão da Costa
PRODUCER: Jorge Agostinho
PRODUCER: Camilo Branco
PROJECT MANAGER: Manuel Santiago
COMPOSITOR: Manuel Santiago
COMPOSITOR: Duarte Gandum
MATTE PAINTER: Bernardo Marinho

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