God's Kingdom

It was a privilege for us to work with director Guy Soulsby in this end credits scene for his feature GODS KINGDOM. Our main job was to work on top of the concept of (name of the original motion designer), and bring it to life through mood and atmosphere according to the directors vision. For this job we used Houdini, because it was the best tool to deploy the layout, work on lighting and shading with very quick iterations, also to perform some simulation work, all in one package. Rendering was done with Redshift, because of it's incredible speed and easy shader building, as most of the shaders used are procedural. And finally the compositing work was done in Nuke, and most of the mood was built using it. All the embers and smoke were added making use of Nuke's powerful 3D tools and environment, so we could place the smoke and embers cards in 3D space, allowing us to iterate faster to the directors input.


VFX Producer
Manuel Santiago

NUKE Compositor
Duarte Gandum

ART Director
Pedro Motta

Michael Malarkey

João Agostinho

Motion Graphics
Adriana Ventura

Rich Hallsworth

3D Modeling
João Jacinto

Yoomin Lee - Jogger studios

Shading and Lighting
Pedro Motta

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